Double Sided Adhesive Discs

Double Sided Adhesive Discs

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These adhesive discs are perfect for sticking your own wax seals onto your stationery.  They are 25mm in diameter, and provided on a 'strip' of 24 from our own rolls, as they are exactly the adhesive discs used in the La Cera workshop.  

They use 'Guarantape Endurance', which is a high (Level 5) adhesive.  This means that they are two levels above the standard available high-tack adhesives, and can secure your seals to the most challenging surfaces, including high shine laminate.

Why use adhesive discs?

Using double-sided adhesive discs has its advantages over pouring your wax directly on to your stationary.  This way, you avoid any wax drips falling on your paper where you do not want it to be, and you can ensure that the design on the seal is the correct way around before committing it to its' final surface.  Unless you are sealing materials with your wax (for example, string bound around your invitations), where you would want the wax to travel and hold between the strings, we would always recommend using adhesive discs for your seals.